A violation of norms

Social norms within our society are a big deal. Everyone wants to fit in and sometimes our need to belong can lead us away from truly being who we are. I have always been known to be animated and pretty much a dork. I like to have a good time and I don’t like to miss a chance to play the fool. When I read over this assignment for class I knew it was going to be fun. We were given two options for this assignment and the first option was to go out in public and violate social norms. We were to document Read more [...]

Not the norm

Alright Jabber Loggers I need your help! I need some suggestions and I know I can count on you to hook me up with some awesome ideas. So let's look at this picture. Do you know who this is? If not, this is Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction. Not only is this guy badass but he likes to yell some choice profanities and he does it well. Combine his words with this look and you have an epic response to someone. With this said, imagine that you are in a public setting and you happen to see someone with Read more [...]
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