As much as I can…

Making memories is huge for me. I love taking pictures of my family whenever I get the chance. It can probably get annoying since my phone is attached to my hip and I'm constantly pulling it out but I want to catch moments to reflect on. Even when I don't have the camera out I like to do things that are special. They can be the smallest things but those are the one we remember most right? I have been thinking a lot about my family and the time I have spent with my son. There are a lot of things he Read more [...]

The Sh*% we did growing up.

In about 4 weeks my daughter Lola will be born. I'm very excited and can't help but think of the mischief that my kids will get into. They are seven years apart but I'm sure they will get into some shit along the way that will cause my gray hair to sprout. My siblings and I did a lot of things growing up and I'm sure my parents were ready to pull their hair out. This is what wakes me up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, thinking of the crap we did growing up. Will my kids do the same? They Read more [...]

Tales from a Curandera (Folk Doctor)

On the heels of the post on my scary ass house, I thought I would share some stories from my childhood. I see them as interesting now but as a kid they scared the crap out of me...ok, they still scare me. During the time I lived in Fennville both of my grandmothers lived with my family. I loved having them there because of their love, warmth...and their stories. What interested me the most about them was the fact that they were both Curandera's or Folk Doctor's. I didn't get to see a lot of what Read more [...]

Sleep Sew Crochet Repeat

On today's edition of "The Creative Corner" I would like to highlight someone who means the world to me. Someone who I consider my partner in crime and soon to be partner in cloth during the Diaper Wars Saga. I'm talking about my wife Rebecca. Why am I highlighting my wife? Well, she's badass! What other reason do I need? I suppose I could say there was a threat of a night on the couch but I would be lying, though the couch is nice. The threat comment is not true just an attempt to be funny and besides, Read more [...]

A moment of clarity

For this entry I would like to talk about a call I took that rocked me to my core. When I think back it still gives me goosebumps. This situation was enough for me to write a memoir on it for a class I had several months ago. The memoir was suppose to be about something that occurred in my life that made me change something. I wrote about growing up with my siblings and thinking that nothing could ever break us apart. My brother and I were close but I somewhat took him for granted because I felt Read more [...]
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