Tech Thursday – What if the Internet never existed?

Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of Tech Thursday on Jabber Log. Today we reflect on the Internet and the thought of not having it. I remember around 1995 when America Online (AOL) hit the scene. There were advertisements all over television showing people connecting online through chat rooms. I was in awe at what could be done with AOL and I wanted to connect right away! Back then I had a stellar Packard Bell sporting Windows ’95. My parents purchased an AOL disc and allowed me Read more [...]

Fantasy Mashup! Star Wars vs. Marvel

Good evening folks! Today is Friday and usually I would be typing up a post for "Friday at the Movies" but instead I thought I would share something fun and...dorky. Yes, this is going to get a little dorky. If you dig comics, video games, Anime, science fiction, etc. then you will dig this post a lot. If not, you might get a kick out of it either way. As you can see from the title this has to do with Star Wars and Marvel. If you don't know what Star Wars and Marvel are then in the words of Sheldon, "For Read more [...]

Where has our child like imagination gone?

What happens to our imagination when we get older? It seems that for most of us our imagination slips from what it used to be when we were children. Sure we can still come up with some good stuff but it doesn't match our child like imagination. Think about this; if you could have two super powers what would they be? You could have the ability to fly, invisibility, or the speed of light. Having two super powers would be awesome but when we think about what two we would want there is no quick and straight Read more [...]

Notes for the Living – A message for those left behind.

Horror movies are my genre of choice. Out of all things horror, my favorites involve Zombies. Almost anything that deals with a Zombie Apocalypse is good in my book. The leaders of my fascination have to be, “The Walking Dead” on AMC and the video game, “Left 4 Dead” on the Xbox 360. If something like this really happened, I would expect it to look how it’s portrayed on the previously mentioned show or game. So what if it really happened? Where would you go? If you were split from Read more [...]
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