Notes for the Living – A message for those left behind.

Horror movies are my genre of choice. Out of all things horror, my favorites involve Zombies. Almost anything that deals with a Zombie Apocalypse is good in my book. The leaders of my fascination have to be, “The Walking Dead” on AMC and the video game, “Left 4 Dead” on the Xbox 360. If something like this really happened, I would expect it to look how it’s portrayed on the previously mentioned show or game. So what if it really happened? Where would you go? If you were split from Read more [...]

Holiday Mourning – Ending (The Creative Corner)

She opened her robe and exposed herself. Jason gave her a blank stare. A deer in headlights is what she called that stare of his and he wanted nothing to do with her. He turned around and walked toward the living room. Ellen groaned, closed her robe and took her drink to the bedroom. Jason laid down on the couch and marinated on what had occurred. Hours passed and Ellen had not come out of the bedroom. The aroma of the Christmas ham had begun to fill the air. His stomach growled. As he got up to Read more [...]

Holiday Mourning – Part 2 (The Creative Corner)

Jason was baffled at Ellen’s response. This was how he remembered the Christmas of 1996. It was also the beginning of his family’s downfall. They were no longer the perfect family that he stared at in the portrait. He shook his head hard to snap himself out of the trance he was in. He rubbed his eyes and looked to the left of him. He grouped the trigger of his revolver and glared at Ellen. She was calm and still with the resemblance of a mannequin. She was silent; she muttered no words of hatred. Read more [...]

Holiday Mourning – Part 1 (The Creative Corner)

The bedroom was filled with Christmas Carols. Joy to the World was on the radio and Jason sat at the edge of his bed with his revolver. His heart raced and his hand shook as if feigning for a cancer stick. The room was showered with blood and the scent of Christmas dinner lingered in the air. Jason scratched his head in confusion and stared at a family portrait. He looked at himself back then, back when Cody was still alive. He was finally able to convince his wife Ellen to take that family picture. Read more [...]
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