Cooking with Jabber Log – The Infused Beer Brats

Hello folks! I hope you are all having a great day so far. I have been doing excellent myself and what makes it even better is the warm weather. of right now it's raining but the weather has been great. I have had the chance to grill a few times and if you know me, you know that I love to grill! With that said, I have decided to share a quick recipe with you. Now before I share it I have to say that the video that comes with this is somewhat choppy. I'm not sure why it's this way but if Read more [...]

Cloth diapers, Real food, New age hippie?

So the wife and I have recently decided to make some changes in our lives to better ourselves and our children. It all began with our decision, and some help from a good friend at EcoBuns, to try out cloth diapers with our daughter Lola who will be here around September 1st of this year. We are very excited about our new adventure and if you didn't know, I will be documenting my journey in a segment called "Diaper Wars". This is the first stage of an eye opening experience. The second stage involves Read more [...]
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