Will They or Won’t They?

By: Roger Dodger Hey it's Roger Dodger again, here to talk about the Detroit Lions. The title suites this piece very well because it's a simple question, but not a simple answer. Will the Detroit Lions make the playoffs this year? Now I've been a Lions fan since the '90's and I have seen it all and still to this day stuck with the Lions even after they brake my heart year after year. This, this year was different. Even before the season started every Lions fan had the same feeling. Read more [...]

Thursday Night Football – The horrible that is Vince Young

Our new writer Roger Dodger takes you into last nights game between the Eagles and the Seahawks. Written last night by: Roger Dodger   It's Thursday night, It's cold, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier...It's that time of the year. Thursday night football!!! Today is the Philadelphia Eagles(4-8) and the Seattle Seahawks(5-7). Both teams have not been doing very well this season and this game looks promising, but I was wrong. If you didn't watch this game you didn't miss much. Read more [...]
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