Walking Dead to an iDevice near you.

Hello fellow Jabber Loggers and welcome to an early edition of Tech Thursday. This sneak peek is so awesome that I had to share it a day early. If you dig zombies then I'm sure you have either read the comic series of The Walking Dead or you have been watching the show on AMC. Well if you're like me then you can't get enough of this! I'm a Walking Dead Junkie and I even have the comics so that I can read ahead. So why is The Walking Dead being mentioned in an early edition of Tech Thursday? Well Read more [...]

Mr. Mars Mr. Mars may we travel through your stars?

Throughout this school year I have heard my 7 year old son talk about what he’s doing in P.E. He’s been doing things like roller skating and gymnastics. It sounds cool but what about all the fun games? Sure roller-skating is fun and learning how to tumble and flip is cool but where are all the fun games? You know, the ones I used to play when I was his age. Let’s take a trip to the late 80’s and early 90’s. When I was in school I had the privilege of playing games like Mr. Mars. You Read more [...]
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