Fatherhood: One of my greatest achievements.

Good morning and happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Today we are honored for the many things we do but most importantly, we are honored for being utterly AWESOME! That’s right, we are awesome! You have worked hard, cut the grass, helped around the house, killed spiders, untightened jars, played house, played with cars, helped around the house, changed a tire, and changed diapers. Phew! Yes you’ve done a lot and no, I’m not taking anything away from the moms out there but today Read more [...]

Tech Thursday: Happy Father’s Day to the Geeky and Tech Savvy

Good evening folks! On today’s edition of Tech Thursday we look at a few gifts for your geeky and tech savvy dad. This Sunday is Father’s Day and if you’re like me you want drool at the sight of awesome and completely dorky tech stuff. I would actually be happy with a 22 ounce porterhouse steak but tech gifts are right up there. So what is your dad like? Is he all about cameras? Is he a coffee drinker? Well I have a few items that you’re dad will dig. and The Huffington Post Read more [...]
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