Moving forward with Google+ Hangouts

Good morning everyone! For some time now I have been talking about how I want to take Jabber Log to the next level. I've spoken about new ideas and a while back I mentioned doing podcasts. Now, I haven't had a lot of time to do this because I work crazy hours, I have a family, and I'm working on my Masters in New Media Journalism. I'm also going to be doing some work for an internet radio company as a social media intern so my schedule will be rather busy but I'm still going to move forward with Read more [...]

What can be done when we stand united.

Good morning fellow Jabber Loggers! The past couple days have been excellent for the people of the world and the Internet. For some time now there has been talk about a couple bills that go by SOPA and PIPA. These bills were meant to protect creative property from piracy but in turn would do more harm than good. The bills would ultimately censor the Internet but they were met with rage and revolt from the people. On January 18th, 2012, several sites went dark in protest over SOPA AND PIPA. Even major Read more [...]

Music in the Clouds.

Hello fellow Jabber Loggers and welcome to a late edition of Music Wednesday's. I have been playing the catch game lately due to the fact that I am on my last week of my Digital Studio class. I have a lot of design work to do and I'm juggling this with work and more importantly, my family. So I just wanted to touch base with everyone and speak briefly on a service that has been in Beta mode until yesterday when it was opened to the public. For the past several months, Google has been working on a Read more [...]

The Google+ Project

Ahoy hoy fellow Jabber Loggers! I just wanted to post something real quick about Google+. If you have not heard yet, Google has created their own social network. I know you're probably thinking, "not another one", but this looks promising. The interface is nice and somewhat similar but has some very good features. The other day the head of Facebook announced that they had partnered up with Skype to bring video chat to the masses within Facebook. Sounds good and dandy but if you ever used Skype in Read more [...]
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