Governor Rick Snyder

The Ongoing Battle With Synthetic Drugs

For decades, the American people have been addicted to drugs whether it be recreational or pharmaceutical. According to, “Roughly 1 in 9 youth abused prescription drugs in the past year.” A new type to add to this addiction comes in the form of synthetic drugs. Jabber Log ran a story almost four months ago that featured synthetic drugs known as Spice and Bath Salts. Just after that story, Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan passed a bill that would make the drug illegal. WXYZ, a local Read more [...]

Michigan Joins The Synthetic Bandwagon

June 19 2012, Governor Rick Snyder signed four bills that would ban synthetic drugs. This would include Spice, K2, and Bath Salts. But what took so long for the powers-that-be in Michigan to finally decide that enough was enough? HuffPost Detroit states that, “after local protests and several tragedies linked to ‘synthetic marijuana,’ Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced he will sign into law a package that would ban K2, Spice and other synthetic drugs including "bath salts.” One said protest Read more [...]
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