Tech Thursday – A taste of things to come

Good evening folks and welcome to another edition of Tech Thursday on Jabber Log! I know it’s late and I have about 45 minutes before it’s Friday but I wanted to get this in either way. I had planned on typing up a rather detailed post on this week’s topic but I thought I would save it for episode two of the JCast that will be recorded tomorrow evening. The topic is going to be based on how connected we are to the Internet and our smartphones. Now don’t get me wrong here. I am in no way saying Read more [...]

Midnight tonight may be the death of your Internet!

T-minus one hour and counting folks! I meant to write a post on this a few days ago but I it slipped my mind. So according to, "a nasty piece of malware called DNSChanger will kick thousands of Mac and PC users off the Internet on Monday, and there’s a chance you could be one of them." Apparently this has been around since 2007. The malware was redirecting infected PC's and Mac's to paid advertising sites and cyber criminals would make profit off of those who ended up there. Read more [...]

Jabber Log says to vote for PWRTALK!

Good afternoon folks! A lot of different things have been going on with Jabber Log lately. The topics have somewhat shifted since I started my Masters program. The range of topics has gone from mostly personal stories to stories that are centered on specific topics. I feel that it has gone well since there is always a need for new content. It helps me learn more and keeps you, the reader, interested in what I am talking about. The format is going to change slightly with the addition of podcasts and Read more [...]

Tech Thursday – What if the Internet never existed?

Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of Tech Thursday on Jabber Log. Today we reflect on the Internet and the thought of not having it. I remember around 1995 when America Online (AOL) hit the scene. There were advertisements all over television showing people connecting online through chat rooms. I was in awe at what could be done with AOL and I wanted to connect right away! Back then I had a stellar Packard Bell sporting Windows ’95. My parents purchased an AOL disc and allowed me Read more [...]

Fight for the Internet – It’s time to take a stand.

I try to stay away from politics as much as possible with my blog but when it comes to the Internet, I have to say something. I had seen this topic a few weeks ago when my friend Gus posted it on his Facebook wall but I had not taken the time to check it out. This morning before I came into work I finally got the chance and I am outraged. Like all of you, I love the Internet! We do everything on there now. We shop, we educate ourselves, we express ourselves, and we communicate. The last two parts Read more [...]

It’s time to expand with RMII Visions

  Hello all, I have decided to delete my "Random Jabs" page and add "RMII Visions" (RM2V) in its place. I'm sure you have seen the headline above my Twitter feed that states, "Jabber Log is a branch of RMII Visions" but I don't believe I have ever explained what it is. So without further ado, RMII Visions is the parent company (of sorts) name that Jabber Log falls under. I use the RM2V name when I design. I have tried to keep them some what separate but since I have had a lot of people view Read more [...]

Don’t be a fool wrap your…Wi-Fi?

So how many of you out there have a wireless router? How many of you have a router that is password protected? If you have a wireless router that has no password protection and is open to everyone and their dog, you might want to listen up. It appears that a guy from New York learned a lesson the hard way. I mean, isn't that how most of us learn a lesson anyway? Well if you would like to learn something new you can leave your wireless router open to the public and have your local FBI agents pay you Read more [...]
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