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The AudioVillains Podcast Ep 72


AVEP2014ShirtLogoNew Episode! Listen, laugh and share!

The AudioVillains Podcast Ep 71


AVEP2014ShirtLogoNew episode! Listen, share and laugh!

The future looks bright!

It’s May 14, 2013 and I am now 32 years of age. It has been an interesting year. A month before my 31st birthday I began my Masters program for New Media Journalism. I have always had a passion to write, investigate and in the end tell a story. Although I had already completed a couple degrees in design I wanted to do something in journalism in order to give myself a well-rounded pallet of skills. During my Masters program I found a new passion in podcasting. It started as part of a class assignment Read more [...]

The JCast RandomCast Episode 2

Hello everyone! This episode of the RandomCast features my siblings Fernando (Chando), Crystal (sometimes addressed as Cheese), Dee-von (Vonie) and her boyfriend Chris. The RandomCast has random guests and includes random topics. In this episode we reveal Vonie's boyfriend to the world and our father. At the time he had no idea that he existed. It was a great time and I actually have several episodes that I recorded in Florida so stay tuned and enjoy the show! As always you can email the show at Read more [...]

The JCast RandomCast Episode 1

Good evening folks! The JCast on Jabber Log is adding shows and turning into a network. The RandomCast features different guests and the show is just that, a random cast. The topics range from everything including past memories, 80's Saturday morning cartoons, and eating habits, to anything you can think of. The shows are usually 30 minutes and although they are random the shows are quite funny so make sure to check it out. This weeks RandomCast featured my wife Rebecca and our niece and nephew Danielle Read more [...]

I’m Abscessed With You!

Last week Wednesday was the start of the most pain I have felt in a very long time. The day actually began rather well. I went into dispatch to do some offline work and then I attended a business meeting that turned out to be pretty big for my new company, Martinez Design Concepts LLC. I was pretty stoked at the turn out and the connections I made. On my way home one of my teeth on the bottom right side started to hurt. It wasn’t too bad and of course, everyone has gone through a minor toothache Read more [...]

The Referral-Palooza Contest

Hello everyone and welcome to the Referral-palooza contest! I posted something about it earlier today to see how much of an interest it would generate and it looks like the people want it so I’m going to do it. This contest is all about referrals folks! The person who refers the MOST LIKES to the Jabber Log fan page will win a prize and possibly be in the running for the grand prize! So what do you have to do to qualify? Well, there are just 3 things that you have to do. Subscribe to thejabberlog.com Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 24 Featuring The AudioVillains

It is very very early but the AudioVillains are back with episode 24! Now, this was recorded a week ago but I have been slacking so I apologize. In this weeks episode we talk about my bout with food poisoning, the battle between Alex Jones and Piers Morgan and random movies that are coming out. We also talk about Bulletproof Coffee and a look back at dial-up Internet Services. As always you can email us by using the black button to the left or you can use the new official email for the entire JCast Read more [...]

The JCast on Jabber Log iTunes Subscriptions

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is having an excellent day. I wanted to clear up a few things with the iTunes subscriptions. I have recently split the main RSS feed into three separate ones. The reason for this is because some shows might not be suited for all audiences. There are two main shows within the JCast. The first show features the AudioVillains. This show is full of adult content, language and humor. We are three guys telling it how we see it and it's a NSFW (not safe for work) show. Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 22 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good afternoon everyone! The AudioVillains are back with episode 22 on Jabber Log! This week we reflect on the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, CT. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all that have been affected by this. We spoke on it for a while before switching to a more happy topic. This past weekend I shared my weekend with the family where we broke out in song to Mr. Big's, "To Be With You." We touched on movies, movie trailers, and how I apparently look like a Furbee with a hat. Many laughs Read more [...]
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