The JCast Episode 21 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good evening folks! The AudioVillains are back again with episode 21! Where's episode 20 you ask? Well, like every show, there is a lost episode. For us, episode 20 is our lost episode. We had some technical difficulties and although it was a great show there was some static that ruined it. Either way though, we are back after a couple weeks off and we kicked ass! This week we talked about 80's Kung-Fu movies, the paradox of time travel and Terminator 3, and finally we made some cracks at Mike Tyson. Read more [...]

Listen Up, Share and We’ll Be Back!

Hello Jabber Loggers and listeners! The AudioVillains have been going strong for 19 straight episodes and we are having a lot of fun. As you all know there is a holiday coming up and we are going to take a small break to be with our families but don't cry. We'll be back with episode 20 and it's going to be epic! I'm sure we are all going to have some funny stories for you but in order to ease your pain I have posted an audio player from Stitcher that contains all of our episodes. This way you can Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 19 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good evening folks! It has been a week and normally the AudioVillains would be preparing for another episode but we will be on break for this week and the upcoming holiday. We did manage to hook up episode 19 but there was a technical difficulty with one of our mics. For whatever reason there was static while Eddie spoke throughout the cast. There was no indication during mic checks but it recorded with static. I was able to go in and cut it out so it's all good. Get ready for an hour of humor and Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 18 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good afternoon folks and holy crap! I just realized that I forgot to post up our most recent episode. I apologize but it has been a busy week for me and I'm getting to the end of my Masters program so my homework has been kicking my ass. So without further ado I present to you the AudioVillains! This week we talked about all kinds of topics including the Ghost Cities of China, Don Cheadle as Captain Planet, simulation theory and much more. This episode is full of laughs and I have included some YouTube Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 17 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good afternoon folks! I hope you're having an excellent Saturday but what better way to enjoy this fine day then to listen to your favorite villains? That's right, the AudioVillains of the JCast on Jabber Log are back with episode 17! This week we take a trip in time with our favorite video games, horror movies, Halloween costumes and a bit of info on a video store chain. Have a happy Halloween and if you are a fan of the Evil Dead franchise you know that they are remaking the movie and we have the Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 16 Featuring The AudioVillains

Hello everyone! The AudioVillains are back with episode 16 and this one is full of humor, insults, and much more. This week our good friend and resident Ent, Carlos the Treebeard joined us for a round of smack talking and nerding out. If you laughed before you are going to laugh and pee your pants this time and afterward. A big thanks goes out to our loyal listeners. We have a lot of fun doing this but it makes it even more fun knowing that we are able to entertain, educate, and make you laugh. As Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 15 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good morning Jabber Loggers and JCasters! The AudioVillains are back with episode 15! This week we talk about how our kids can Jedi our minds, and how we as parents try are hardest to be better than our parents but end up being like them either way. We also give a random list of the greatest movies in different genres. We give a late Tech Thursday nod with an article originally found on Mashable.com that features a hot tub/exercise bike combination and talk about how we dressed growing up. Do you Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 14 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good evening folks! The AudioVillains of the JCast on Jabber Log are back with episode 14! We started out the morning with an excellent breakfast cooked up by Eddie and it was just what we needed to get the podcast going. We also powered up on Alpha Brain from onnit.com and we laughed through several stories. This week was filled with stories including some new cat-tastic adventures from Eddie and Mitt Romney's now infamous jab at Big Bird of Sesame Street (see funny meme below). Get ready to laugh Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 12 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good afternoon folks! The AudioVillains of the JCast on Jabber Log are back with episode 12! Mike made his return today and Eddie channeled Arnold while reading some portions of an article on Schwarzenegger's new autobiography entitled Total Recall. We also touch on Mitt Romney's fiasco from back in May and how people are unable to use the bathroom without some sort of technology to keep them company. We finally learned what exactly Pinkberry is and Eddie makes a pass at Seth MacFarlane of Family Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 11 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good evening folks! The AudioVillains are back with episode 11 of the JCast on Jabber Log! This week, Eddie and I took the reigns as a duo and although our third AudioVillain Mike had a prior engagement we kicked ass and took names. We used the upstairs portion of the Ingarden Studios and I must say that the audio came out a lot better than past episodes. Our topics this week dealt with politics, movies, music, and a little bit of Jabber Log's Tech Thursday. On September 12 2012, Apple revealed the Read more [...]