jason voorhees

Happy Jason Voorhees Day!

Good morning and happy Jason Voorhees Day! It's Friday the 13th and it's a day that is considered to be bad luck among the superstitious. To go along with many historical facts that point to this day of bad luck we have the ever popular Jason Voorhees. If you don't know who this fictional character is then you need to rent the movie...wait, rent? Are there still rental stores around? I think everything is either online or compacted into a Redbox or Blockbuster Express. Either way though you can Read more [...]

Happy early Mother’s Day Momma Voorhees

In honor of Mother's Day coming up this weekend, and Friday the 13th this month, I would like to give a shout out to a special mom. First and foremost I would like to say Happy Mother's Day to my mom, my wife, my grandma's, and my mother in law. This also goes out to all the other mom's out there, but this post is a shout out to none other than Pamela Voorhees. If it were not for you and the sperm that laid claim to your egg we would have never been blessed with your son. More people would still Read more [...]
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