Karma or God’s Sense of Humor?

According to Dictionary.com Karma is defined as an "action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in reincarnation." So with that said I have a story for you. I believe it falls under Karma but the more I think about it I think some of the parts within the story might have been God's way of joking with me. I mean...isn't that what Karma is in a way? If you think about it, you have a situation that requires a decision. If the decision Read more [...]

Knock knock. Who’s there? FAIL!

Here's a double hit from Jabber Log today and this story includes an EPIC FAIL. I have done a lot of stupid things in my past and apparently it started early. I believe I was about seven or eight when one of my first FAIL moments occurred. I was with my family at my cousins house for dinner and my mom, who is a hair stylist, was cutting and coloring everyone's hair. All of the kids were outside running around in the yard and playing and my cousins Mary Beth and Amanda busted out some jawbreakers Read more [...]

Oh what sweet irony!

Hello all and Jabber Log is back with another story from the past. A funny story involving my brother, myself, and the State Police of Michigan. It was February of 1999 and I was getting out of school for the day. I had been debating on whether or not to bring my Tommy Hilfiger jacket with me or not and finally I decided I had enough crap to take home with me so I left it in my locker.  I waited for my brother to get out of class and we got out of the parking lot and fast. For the past month or Read more [...]
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