Look of Discipline

Another chapter of FAIL – Joostberns Style

To continue my memories of FAIL, I thought I would share a story that involves a teacher of mine from high school. As I've stated in previous posts almost every lesson I have learned has been the hard way and this one is no exception. In high school I had a teacher named Mr. Joostberns and he taught several classes but the two I had with him were Government and History. Joostberns was an interesting and unique teacher. When the bell rang he would leave us with a final thought. Those included, "Smoke Read more [...]

Do you want a happy birthday?

Today I confirmed that I have developed the highly useful "Look of Discipline" (LOD). You know that look right? It's the look that your parents gave you when you were acting up and once you saw it you knew you were toast. I gave this look to my seven year old today at church and he knew I was not messing around. When I turned back I had to hold back from laughing because it made me think of all the times I saw that look from my parents. It was mostly my father who gave the look but when it came from Read more [...]
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