I now pronounce you…

It been 8 years since my wife and I got married. Today we celebrate our anniversary and our marriage has been great. We've hit our rough patches and at times we thought we should take a break but we continued to fight for each other and we're together. We laugh together, argue together, and most importantly we are dorks together. I think that's what keeps us going. No matter how mad we might get about something we are always able to laugh about it. On top of that we are straight up dorks like I previously Read more [...]

The Green Aisle

This morning I was on a run for coffee and doughnuts and I heard something interesting on my favorite morning radio show. What I heard was unbelievable and I thought I should write something about it and see what your thoughts are on it. Do you remember Percy from The Green Mile? If not he was the pissy, shitty little man who smashes the mouse and tells the guy that there is no mouse heaven. In the end he ends up murdering the pedophile and goes insane. A perfect ending for such a jerk of a character. Read more [...]
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