Mug Shots – A Cup of Unique Within The County Seat

Allegan Michigan is a city that has a lot to offer. According to cityofallegan.org, the city is “a community with an unbeatable combination of historic small-town atmosphere and community minded approach.” The city is rich with small businesses and is also within the county seat. One such business is fairly new to the area. Mug Shots, a new coffeehouse in Allegan, offers a different outlook on the norm by way of design, color, and overall feel of the business. Both Corrina Mendell and Rob Read more [...]

What do you mean you’re not taking firework complaints?

Good morning folks and happy Fourth of July! Today is a grand day. It is our Independence Day. Be proud to be part of this great country folks! We are definitely freer than most countries and I am personally grateful for that. I would like to thank our Fore Fathers, those in the military, and everyone who took part in making this day special. With that said I want to thank those in Ancient China who invented something that has been a staple of our Independence Day and every major holiday. This Read more [...]

Music Wednesday’s with The Phoenix Philosopher

By: The Phoenix Philosopher I am very excited and pleased to bring you a song from a local artist, Seng! After lots of hard work and dedication, Seng brings you “Touch Me In The Dark”. The song isn’t only sang, but it is also written AND produced by Seng. (yes Seng and sang sound exactly the same… lol) The song has a dark undertone to it. Very dance driven and sicken beats, are what drew me in at first listen. After many repeats (so addicting!) the lyrics are really what took center stage. Read more [...]
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