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Within the Trenches Ep 50

Within the Trenches is back with episode 50! The show has come a long way since the Kickstarter campaign. Whitney and I have spoken to dispatchers, leaders and educators within the dispatch community. The show has also been present for different conferences and the first one was last year at the Mini-C conference in Boca Raton Florida. Tom with the Cool Kids of 9-1-1 invited the show to be there on one of the days to do interviews. The hospitality was excellent, the people were awesome and inspiring Read more [...]

Within the Trenches at the Mini-C

The following are pictures that were taken at the Mini-C conference in Boca Raton Florida. This was an excellent experience and the show is going to continue to make more appearances at different conferences. Cheers!

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Within the Trenches Episode 17

Hello everyone, I am back this week for episode 17 of Within the Trenches. This is the last of a series of episodes that were recorded at the Mini-C conference in Boca Raton Florida. In this episode I sat down with four of Palm Beach State College 9-1-1 Dispatch Academy's finest. The conversation I had with Lisa, Myrnett, Wayne and Kimberly was excellent and refreshing. Their insight and experience going through the academy brought me back to when I first started. My beginning wasn't as elaborate Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Episode 16

Good evening folks! I am back again with a new episode of Within the Trenches. This episode is a continuation of the series of episodes that I recorded this past week at the Mini-C conference in Boca Raton Florida. In this episode I had the privilege of speaking with Cheryl who works with Palm Beach County 9-1-1 Management and is a part-time 9-1-1 dispatcher. Cheryl was great to talk to and she finished off the interview with an excellent message for the public. It's something that everyone needs Read more [...]

Help Support The JCast On Jabber Log

The JCast on Jabber Log started out as a podcast that would cover a show featuring the AudioVillains. This show is full of humor, serious topics and adult content. It has gained many followers and currently the show is making a comeback with episode 27, which will be live on Spreaker. Since the inception of the JCast the podcast has added two shows and is growing fast. The first show is Within the Trenches, which is based on the experience of being a 9-1-1 dispatcher. This show has exploded with Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Episode 15

Good afternoon! This episode of Within the Trenches features Sabrina of West Palm Beach Dispatch Operations. We had an excellent conversation before recording and it was nice because we were able to get to know each other better. After only a few minutes of talking to her I felt as though we knew each other all our lives. This is a must listen episode that everyone can learn from. Make sure to check it out, share and as always, you can email the show at     Episode Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Episode 14

Good evening! Last week was rather busy with my root canal, 22 hour drive to Florida and graduation. I'm very happy to say that my family and I made it through everything with no problems, but last weeks episode had to be postponed. I'm still on vacation in Florida and just yesterday I had the privilege of attending the 4th Annual Mini-C conference in Boca Raton. I was initially invited by Tom of The Cool Kids of 9-1-1. He and I had been talking about promoting each others work and he mentioned Read more [...]

The Fourth Annual “Mini-C”

Ever since Within the Trenches was funded through Kickstarter there have been several niche Facebook pages that have helped in spreading the word on the show. One of those pages is The Cool Kids of 9-1-1. The people who run this page are also involved in many different aspects of the 9-1-1 profession. One of those aspects is a mini conference or "Mini-C" and it's that time again folks! The South Florida 9-1-1 Dispatchers “Mini-C” has returned and is now in its fourth year. This mini-conference Read more [...]
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