The JCast RandomCast Episode 2

Hello everyone! This episode of the RandomCast features my siblings Fernando (Chando), Crystal (sometimes addressed as Cheese), Dee-von (Vonie) and her boyfriend Chris. The RandomCast has random guests and includes random topics. In this episode we reveal Vonie's boyfriend to the world and our father. At the time he had no idea that he existed. It was a great time and I actually have several episodes that I recorded in Florida so stay tuned and enjoy the show! As always you can email the show at Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 17 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good afternoon folks! I hope you're having an excellent Saturday but what better way to enjoy this fine day then to listen to your favorite villains? That's right, the AudioVillains of the JCast on Jabber Log are back with episode 17! This week we take a trip in time with our favorite video games, horror movies, Halloween costumes and a bit of info on a video store chain. Have a happy Halloween and if you are a fan of the Evil Dead franchise you know that they are remaking the movie and we have the Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 16 Featuring The AudioVillains

Hello everyone! The AudioVillains are back with episode 16 and this one is full of humor, insults, and much more. This week our good friend and resident Ent, Carlos the Treebeard joined us for a round of smack talking and nerding out. If you laughed before you are going to laugh and pee your pants this time and afterward. A big thanks goes out to our loyal listeners. We have a lot of fun doing this but it makes it even more fun knowing that we are able to entertain, educate, and make you laugh. As Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 15 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good morning Jabber Loggers and JCasters! The AudioVillains are back with episode 15! This week we talk about how our kids can Jedi our minds, and how we as parents try are hardest to be better than our parents but end up being like them either way. We also give a random list of the greatest movies in different genres. We give a late Tech Thursday nod with an article originally found on that features a hot tub/exercise bike combination and talk about how we dressed growing up. Do you Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 11 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good evening folks! The AudioVillains are back with episode 11 of the JCast on Jabber Log! This week, Eddie and I took the reigns as a duo and although our third AudioVillain Mike had a prior engagement we kicked ass and took names. We used the upstairs portion of the Ingarden Studios and I must say that the audio came out a lot better than past episodes. Our topics this week dealt with politics, movies, music, and a little bit of Jabber Log's Tech Thursday. On September 12 2012, Apple revealed the Read more [...]

The Influence Of Media On Children

More and more children are consuming large amounts of media each day. According to, The Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a study that showed children are consuming “11 hours’ worth of media content within a seven and half-hour span.” The American Academy of Pediatrics states that, “The average young person views more than 3000 ads per day on television (TV), on the Internet, on billboards, and in magazines. Increasingly, advertisers are targeting younger and younger children Read more [...]

Happy Jason Voorhees Day!

Good morning and happy Jason Voorhees Day! It's Friday the 13th and it's a day that is considered to be bad luck among the superstitious. To go along with many historical facts that point to this day of bad luck we have the ever popular Jason Voorhees. If you don't know who this fictional character is then you need to rent the movie...wait, rent? Are there still rental stores around? I think everything is either online or compacted into a Redbox or Blockbuster Express. Either way though you can Read more [...]

Top 10 Drug Induced Movies You Must Watch Before You Die

Good morning folks! Before I take my break from blogging to concentrate on my finals before graduation, I'd like to share a post on what I believe is the "Top 10 Drug Induced Movies You Must Watch Before You Die". The movies that made my list range from comedy to drama. Each one of these movies are ones that I could watch over and over. Some are pretty old and others are a little more recent but all in all they fall under my list of classics. So without further ado I bring to you the best of the Read more [...]

What’s playing this Holiday weekend?

Happy Friday folks! We're just one day away from the Christmas weekend and I am stoked like you wouldn't believe! This is going to be the first time in a very long time that I have spent both Christmas Eve and Day with my family since working in dispatch. This year I won't have to worry about opening presents at 5:30 in the morning, eating breakfast with the family, and then crashing out in order to go back to work at 5pm. No sir, not me, not this time. I can now relax and sleep in if I want but Read more [...]

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Hello fellow Jabber Loggers! Today is an excellent day! Not only are we getting closer to Christmas but I get to spend it with my family on both days for the first time. I also just saw the trailer for the next blockbuster movie coming December 14th 2012. The movie comes from the makers of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and I can't say how excited I am for the release of The Hobbit! If you are unaware of what The Hobbit is then you need to hit your local library and check out the book and read it. Read more [...]
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