Tech Thursday – Quench Your Musical Thirst With Drinkify

Hello everyone and here's your second shot of Tech Thursday on Jabber Log! This interesting item was found through a StumbleUpon search yesterday before doing my homework. I had been brainstorming on topics for my assignment and listening to some tunes when I got a headache. I decided to take a break from my work and began searching through StumbleUpon. I landed on a website called Drinkify. The web site has a retro look to it and in one spot it says, "I'm listening to" followed by a blank. Underneath Read more [...]

To the brother I always wanted.

“All for one and one for all. My brother and my friend. What fun we have. The time we share. Brothers ‘til the end.” Bro, today is a great day. It’s your birthday once again and I couldn’t be happier. For a long time I was the only one and when you were born I couldn’t help but jump off the walls. You were born pre-mature so you had to stay in the hospital a little longer but I got to see you as much as possible. I remember the first time I went to see you I thought you were so small. Read more [...]

School dances, and young love.

Yesterday I had a conversation with my co-workers that made me think about the school dances I went to in middle school. We talked about the music that was played and if we had a date or not. As they spoke I flashed back to my '92 - '93 6th grade year. This was the year that I discovered what some people, mostly my 6th grade teachers, call puppy love. It was also the year that my parents got on my case because of said puppy love. Throughout the beginning of the year I developed a crush on a girl Read more [...]

Tech Thursday – Incredibox

On today’s edition of Tech Thursday we take a look at a site that is musical and addicting. If there is one site you should be wasting your time on, this is one of them. Have fun and don’t be alarmed at the tabs on my web browser in the video. I was doing some research for a new project in class. Cheers!


Make sure to visit Incredibox for all kinds of beat making fun!

Music in the Clouds.

Hello fellow Jabber Loggers and welcome to a late edition of Music Wednesday's. I have been playing the catch game lately due to the fact that I am on my last week of my Digital Studio class. I have a lot of design work to do and I'm juggling this with work and more importantly, my family. So I just wanted to touch base with everyone and speak briefly on a service that has been in Beta mode until yesterday when it was opened to the public. For the past several months, Google has been working on a Read more [...]

Music Wednesday’s with The Phoenix Philosopher

By: The Phoenix Philosopher I am very excited and pleased to bring you a song from a local artist, Seng! After lots of hard work and dedication, Seng brings you “Touch Me In The Dark”. The song isn’t only sang, but it is also written AND produced by Seng. (yes Seng and sang sound exactly the same… lol) The song has a dark undertone to it. Very dance driven and sicken beats, are what drew me in at first listen. After many repeats (so addicting!) the lyrics are really what took center stage. Read more [...]

Rihanna – We Found Love.

Courtesy of Phoenix Philosophies This song is my new obsession. It’s an incredible song. The beats, which are the first things I hear in a song, are sickening! It’s incredibly uptempo and anytime is slows down it quickly revs back up! The lyrics are beautiful and, for me, relatable. Has there ever been a time where you were in a relationship, you knew that you should go, but you just can’t seem to leave? Falling in love in a hopeless place. And even when you have left, you want it back. Read more [...]

New Artist Tuesday – Occupy the Airwaves

It's been about a week or so since I have written anything on Jabber Log but I have been occupied with family life, school, and work. During that time I have been able to brainstorm on some new things I want to do with this blog and hopefully I can accomplish all of my goals. The first idea comes from a conversation that I had with my wife Rebecca the other day. I was talking to her about a new artist named Maddie Larkin and how hard it is for unsigned artists to receive radio play. Now I'm not sure Read more [...]

Top 5 Memorable Movie Songs

I don't know about all of you but I love movies. Ever since I was young I have dug movies with a good story line, visuals, and of course the music. Out of everything that comes packed in a movie the music is where it's at. I mean, think about it. Would suspense or thriller movies have the same feeling without the music? Sure the camera angles and slow moving actors help but the music is what sets the mood. It completes the overall scene and pulls at the strings of your emotions. I know it keeps me Read more [...]

Maddie Larkin – Letters From My Cold Heart

There comes a time when one realizes the power of music. Our lives revolve around it. Music can tug at our emotional strings, influence how we feel, and pinpoint a specific memory from our past. I for one can recall a memory with a song and explain in detail what was going on just by hearing that one song. It’s interesting how we can do this. We relate our memories and experiences in life with music. To me it’s rather therapeutic. Life continues to change. Change can include new musical types Read more [...]
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