Within the Trenches – The Media Spotlight

The past couple weeks have been pretty crazy. A project that began as a short digital story has come to light through a Kickstarter campaign and those supporting it. The goal of Within the Trenches is to tell the stories of those who answer the call of duty through 9-1-1. The goal also covers public education in order for them to understand what goes on during a call. It will not only shed light on what we do but it will help our calls go a little smoother. As the project continued to grow and more Read more [...]

Little Person, Big Issue – The Effort of Nestlings Diaper Bank

Communities around the U.S. have been dealing with the woes of financial problems for some time now. More and more are living in poverty and is a growing problem in Michigan. reports on Kent County, located in West Michigan, that, “children living in poverty has increased every year of the last decade.” Now let’s add the stress and worry of not being able to diaper your own child. This could be for the reasons of financial struggle or a shortage. According to, Read more [...]

Nerves of steel, voice of reason.

Good evening folks. It's been a while since I've written a post for "Within the Trenches". As you may know, I am a supervisor for a 911 center. I've taken many calls that you wouldn't believe and others that would make you cringe. The work my fellow co-workers and I do is accomplished by a level head, common sense, a stern voice, thick skin, and nerves of steel. It's not often that those who work in dispatch, or within the trenches as I call it, receive a lot of kudos. Now, it's not because we don't Read more [...]

2012 and beyond in Tech News

I realize this post is a day late but I had to write something for Tech Thursday even though it's Friday. So while searching for interesting topics I found an article on Mashable with crazy predictions for 2012. I laughed at a few of the predictions but a couple of them really made me think, "Could this really happen?" Like anything in our ever changing world, anything CAN happen. The article from Mashable contains 6 crazy predictions for 2012 and although I will not go through all of them, Read more [...]

Don’t be a fool wrap your…Wi-Fi?

So how many of you out there have a wireless router? How many of you have a router that is password protected? If you have a wireless router that has no password protection and is open to everyone and their dog, you might want to listen up. It appears that a guy from New York learned a lesson the hard way. I mean, isn't that how most of us learn a lesson anyway? Well if you would like to learn something new you can leave your wireless router open to the public and have your local FBI agents pay you Read more [...]
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