Within the Trenches Ep 49

Woo! Within the Trenches Podcast is back with episode 49 and I would like to welcome back Whitney! She has been gone for some time and rather than spoil the surprise I will let you go ahead and listen to her reveal it. In this episode we share some personal stories along with what happened on my trip to Marquette Michigan for work. It was an awesome experience and I can't wait to go back. Towards the end we touch on Kari's Law and future episodes. As always you can email the show at Read more [...]

Let’s do it for Kari!

The No 9 Needed campaign is in full force! What is this campaign you ask? The No 9 Needed campaign, as Mark Fletcher of Avaya put it, means 9-1-1 from any phone WITHOUT a prefix "9.” I couldn’t have explained it better myself. The campaign is gaining support from all over the globe, but like most grassroots movements, it began with a tragic incident. On December 1 2013, Kari Dunn lost her life at the hands of her estranged husband. She had agreed to meet him at a hotel for a short visitation Read more [...]
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