An elder for the ages

An elder for the ages A gurney holds our elder, an elder for the ages. Tonight was her night, the night my grandfather came. "It is time to go Manuela, our children will be fine." As gentle as her touch, she left this place. Now on her way, she is taken to her chariot. Her children scream, the walls echo their wails. No me dejas mamasita, momma do not leave me. The wounded sob, but pick up the pieces. They know in time, they will see her again. An elder for the ages, our elder Read more [...]

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Taking a call can bring such fear; a yell, a scream, a gasp of one’s breath. The caller’s eyes shrink-wrapped with a tear, as she calls for a loved one near death. You have done all you can behind a phone, you comfort, listen and do what is best. The time has come you hear that moan; it is time for the loved one to rest. The sirens yell over the cries, this is my job; why I am here. I listen as a loved one dies, taking a call can bring such fear. Read more [...]

The Morning After

The Morning After When I awoke I knew it would happen; mouth watery, world spinning, body sweating like dew. This was not a thought last night during the clappin’; the time has come to pay my due. Stumbling, praying, falling out of bed; trying to get up, trying to think, the light hammers pounding at my head, kneel to the one you know, not the sink. The Porcelain God awaits the feeble; mouth watery, world spinning, body sweating like dew. The God will help for good not for evil, hug him close, Read more [...]
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