The AudioVillains Podcast Ep 31

Welcome back for episode 31 of The AudioVillains Podcast. In this episode we take a trip down memory lane to when we were back in high school. We visit the fights that we were involved in and how Ed looks in his eighth grade picture. There is more to come as I catch up on all of the episodes so stay tuned! Read more [...]

The JCast Random Cast – Special Chando Edition

Good afternoon and this is a special edition of the RandomCast. A few weeks ago my brother Fernando a.k.a. Chando, flew up to visit for a week. We had an excellent time! His visit also fell on the week of our fathers birthday and my last day in dispatch. We spent the rest of the time hanging out and grilling and we even had some time to record this RandomCast. In this episode we are joined by two of his childhood friends. Martin and Hector added some excellent humor to the show and we took a trip Read more [...]

One if by land two if by GREYHOUND?

I'm sure you have all taken a random trip some time in your life and whether it turned out good or bad it was still an experience. One of my random trips includes my first Greyhound bus ride from Michigan to Florida. My cousin Mike and I started out in South Haven and the bus station was a hole where it shared a building with dry cleaners and a gyro stand. It was odd but what could we do? The up side of it all was that there was a table top style arcade game of Ms. Pacman and we played until the Read more [...]
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