Within the Trenches Ep 97

Welcome to episode 97 of Within the Trenches. A few days ago I received numerous tweets and Facebook messages asking if there was going to be a Halloween themed show. I thought about it and thought about it and finally decided I would do one. I was trying to figure out what I was going to do and a good friend of mine told me about some creepy and scary 9-1-1 calls she heard from a YouTube channel. I checked them out and they are pretty crazy. They reminded me of when I was in dispatch and the crazy Read more [...]

Notes for the Living – Ep. 2

Fennville, MI I’m waiting here at the building behind the post office. I left Bird’s Eye because of what I saw. A group of people have been sick. I don’t know if it has to do with the chemicals here but after a while they attacked other workers. I saw one of them bite a chunk out of Alex’s neck. His blood sprayed the walls. I ran as fast as I could from the building. That incident was days ago. When I got here all I could hear were screams over the radios. I don’t know what’s going Read more [...]

Virtual Peace of Mind – Just a scan away.

This following is the essay I mentioned in my previous post, "Emotional Advertising and the Idea of Chipping". Technology has always been used to the advantage of the people. It has made everyday life simple in many ways. Communication, Media and even Healthcare have benefited from it. With healthcare in mind, technology has been a large contributor to the progress of man. It has been so beneficial that the FDA has approved a way for healthcare and security to follow us wherever we go. A tiny chip Read more [...]

Emotional Advertising and the Idea of Chipping

The key to successful advertising is a swift tug on the emotional strings of the consumer.  – Me Advertising is everywhere. No matter where you look it’s there. If you look around right now you’ll see something you bought. Once you spot the item you may remember the advertisement that persuaded you to buy it in the first place. Advertising is genius in the sense that its able to fulfill our needs. It’s also able to satisfy our wants, and tug at our emotional strings. If confronted with Read more [...]

Flying. How scary could it be?

I have been scared of a lot of things in life. A lot of it is every day stuff but big bodies of water are not my friend, I don't like clowns (like Pennywise), and up until a few years ago, I had a fear of flying. I had never flown before so what was there to be afraid of? It's not like I had a bad experience flying or anything, I was just plain scared. Maybe I can attribute this fear to movies I have seen in my past. La Bamba is a good one, where the main character has nightmares of his best friend Read more [...]
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