I know her

It’s interesting how we go through life meeting people, connecting and at times not realizing how one can make an impact on our lives. I have met tons of people so far in my life. Some people are single serving friends and others make an impact whether it is small or large. Sometimes the smallest impact is the one that sticks with you most. Years ago I met someone who, at the time, made an impact on me with her kindness. It was something small but it stuck with me. I met this person at a local Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 81

Good afternoon and welcome back! I have been M.I.A. and I apologize for that. Life and work takes over at times and I have to step back from the podcast but I’m here and I have brand new episodes coming your way. Last week I was at the Indiana NENA / APCO Conference & Expo. I was there for the show and I had the chance to speak on stage and tell my 911 story. It was an excellent time! I got to spend time with old friends, made new friends and the show was a hit. The best part of last week Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 18 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good afternoon folks and holy crap! I just realized that I forgot to post up our most recent episode. I apologize but it has been a busy week for me and I'm getting to the end of my Masters program so my homework has been kicking my ass. So without further ado I present to you the AudioVillains! This week we talked about all kinds of topics including the Ghost Cities of China, Don Cheadle as Captain Planet, simulation theory and much more. This episode is full of laughs and I have included some YouTube Read more [...]

A Story of Survival

“In 2011, an estimated 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 57,650 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer,” as stated by As for 2012, the National Cancer Institute estimates that, "226,870 women will be diagnosed." Despite their diagnosis, these women fight against breast cancer. There are stories of triumph, tragedy, and ultimately, survival. This story follows a 9-1-1 supervisor who stayed Read more [...]

Keep Calm and Carry On – An iconic poster

Everywhere you look on the web you’re sure to find a ”Keep Calm” poster. For months now I have seen different versions of this poster on Facebook, Twitter, and especially Pinterest. I believe that’s where I first saw the iconic “Keep Calm” poster but to be completely honest I never knew its history. I figured someone coined “Keep Calm”, added a new phrase here and there and it went viral. It wasn’t until tonight that I finally found out about its origin. So where did I find Read more [...]

Emergency Services Series – Law Enforcement

Hello folks and welcome to another installment of the Emergency Services Series I have been working on in class for my Masters program. The first part involved the K-9 Unit of the Allegan County Sheriff's Department, the second involved Joel Thompson of Plainwell EMS, and this part features Allegan County Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Brown. I hope you enjoy another story from the field of emergency services. 20120729 Emergency Services - Law Enforcement 001 from Ricardo Martinez II on Vimeo. Read more [...]

The Creative Corner – A Zombie Story

A while back I had come up with an idea where people could be involved in a zombie apocalypse. Their involvement would be shown by the messages they left behind for the living. It started out well and was hot for a bit but the big picture was lost when I became too busy for my own creation. It sucked because there were some good entries but I couldn't keep up with it. It was on an entirely separate blog and after a while I just lost sight of it. So now I'm bringing it back. I'm thinking of taking Read more [...]

Knowing when to throw in the towel.

It's 5:47am and I'm awake. I've been sick since this past Thursday and it sucks! My stomach had been hurting the night before but I have acid reflux and I ran out of my meds so I figured it was just that. I woke up at 3am on Thursday to get ready for work and my stomach was worse. I got to work and everything seemed fine but I had something coming that would take over and hit me like a truck. Between the hours of 7 and 10am I ran to the bathroom. My stomach was pissed off at me and I wanted to cry. Read more [...]

Holiday Mourning – Part 1 (The Creative Corner)

The bedroom was filled with Christmas Carols. Joy to the World was on the radio and Jason sat at the edge of his bed with his revolver. His heart raced and his hand shook as if feigning for a cancer stick. The room was showered with blood and the scent of Christmas dinner lingered in the air. Jason scratched his head in confusion and stared at a family portrait. He looked at himself back then, back when Cody was still alive. He was finally able to convince his wife Ellen to take that family picture. Read more [...]

In the moment of crisis, we are the voices of authority…

To follow up my previous post, I am adding a project I did for a class some time ago. I know that many of you have already seen it but for those who haven’t the video highlights two of my co-workers. I hope you enjoy it and this is just a taste of what my co-workers and I go through. I am very proud to work with each and every one of you.

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