Survive & Thrive Fit Challenge

Sugar, we’re going down

I feel good. I feel very good. Better than I have in a year and a half. As you all know I have been battling a back issue along with extreme shoulder pain and a stiff neck. It has caused problems like you wouldn’t believe. I just wanted to feel better and so, I started working on it. My doctor couldn’t tell me what was wrong and really didn’t look much into it but through some research, friendly conversation and more research I was able to figure it out and I’m on my way to recovery.   How Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 163

  Ep 163 features Jim Marshall, Director of the 911 Training Institute and Ryan Dedmon, Outreach Director. In this episode we reveal the details of the Survive & Thrive Fit Challenge. Per Ryan, "The Survive & Thrive Fit Challenge is a collaborative partnership between the 911 Training Institute and Within the Trenches Podcast. Jim Marshall, the Director of the 911 Training Institute, developed this challenge after Survive & Thrive, one of his more popular training classes Read more [...]
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