Take $5 – Dispatch Apparel

Don't miss your chance to take $5 off all decals and t-shirts. You have until July 15th to use promo code TAKEFIVE when you purchase from </> (Code) Seven Dispatch Apparel. Check out the links below and share this post. Out of stock - Sons of Dispatch Size - 2XL Dispatch Love Size - Small Designs Decals - Dispatch Love | Daughters of Dispatch | Sons of Dispatch T-shirts - Sons of Dispatch (Split by size) | Daughters of Dispatch (Split by size) Read more [...]

Because knowing is half the battle

Good evening everyone! This post is sort of a part 2 to my last post entitled, “Help us reach our goal.” In that post I was asking for everyone’s help to raise some extra money for the podcast. This is sort of the same but the difference is that I have launched a new campaign through a crowdfunding site called Teespring. It’s pretty much the same as Kickstarter but they work with people trying to sell t-shirts and such. The t-shirt featured in this campaign takes a page out of the G.I.JOE Read more [...]
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