Tech Thursday

How Pinteresting Are You?

Hello folks and welcome to another edition of Tech Thursday! There have been a lot of new sites popping up lately but none have had such a following like today's featured site. Everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ but what about something that's a bit more Pinteresting? Instead of seeing what everyone is doing and what lame games they are playing let's learn something new or discover new Pinterests. How about some costume ideas, new recipes, DIY's (do it yourself), crafts, clothing, destinations, Read more [...]

Tech Thursday: Gaming Crossover

As you all know, I'm a huge video game fan. If I could compare myself to any group it would be the characters of "The Big Bang Theory". If I had to narrow it down, I'd be Leonard. That's right, I'd be the gaming nerd who gets the hot girl. With that aside, I dig gaming so much that I sometimes think about what it would be like if gaming crossed over into reality. I guess it would almost be the equivalent of Toon Town from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It would be pretty crazy if this were possible. Read more [...]

2012 and beyond in Tech News

I realize this post is a day late but I had to write something for Tech Thursday even though it's Friday. So while searching for interesting topics I found an article on Mashable with crazy predictions for 2012. I laughed at a few of the predictions but a couple of them really made me think, "Could this really happen?" Like anything in our ever changing world, anything CAN happen. The article from Mashable contains 6 crazy predictions for 2012 and although I will not go through all of them, Read more [...]

The mobility of Grand Theft Auto 3

Hello fellow Jabber Loggers and welcome to another edition of Tech Thursday! Today we're going to look at a revolutionary game that catapulted the Playstation 2 (PS2) to new heights. When the system came out it seemed like the company could not keep up with the demand. The games were excellent, addicting, and if you had one you were at the top of the food chain. Personally I felt that after the explosion of the PS2 the games became stale but one game hit the streets and my mind was made up. The Read more [...]

Talk to Text with a side of Barcode

Hello folks and here's one more post for Tech Thursday! While searching the net for some awesome and interesting topics for you I found something that may assist you in every day cell phone use and another that is just plain creepy yet fun. So let's start with the iPhone 4 and lower. By now you have all seen the commercials for Siri, the assistant that comes built into the new iPhone 4S. Siri answers many questions and can help with making calls, email, text messages, set appointments, and much much Read more [...]

A gift for the gamer in your life

Hello all and welcome to another edition of Tech Thursday! Christmas is approaching quickly and whether your shopping for yourself or a loved one, the product we highlight today will bring a smile to anyone's face. I'm a big gamer and like you, I want to play the old school video games when ever I want. Now, I know that you can jailbreak your iPhone or simply download them to your Android powered phone but it's not enough. I can add a lot of games and emulators to my iPhone 4 but what if I want to Read more [...]

Review – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Hello and welcome to another edition of Tech Thursday on Jabber Log. Today we welcome "ram0527", a new addition to the team who will be contributing to all things, "Tech". His first assignment was to tackle the mighty and very popular, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3". So without further ado I present, ram0527. I'm a little nervous about this...this is my first blog post ever, so don't be too harsh on me. I'm known as ram0527 and I will be talking about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Yes, I know Read more [...]

What’s that smudge on your phone?

On today's edition of Tech Thursday I was in search for something interesting. You know, something that would make you really think about electronics. Well after a quick search I found something that is not only interesting but made me think about what is growing on my electronics. From what I've read it appears that a single keyboard has about 60% more germs than a toilet seat. Think about that the next time you're typing on your desktop or laptop computer. Did any of you purchase Wii Fit for the Read more [...]
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