The JCast MiniCast – Tech Thursday Edition

Hello everyone! I know it's very late and that it's actually Friday but here's the Tech Thursday edition of the JCast MiniCast. This week we look at a human microchip, a Chinese counterfeit handheld gaming system called the Droid X360 and a way to install Apple's OS X Mountain Lion on as many Mac devices as you want without having to purchase a separate download for each one. As always I will post the links to the entire stories at the end of the post. I have also made the executive decision to provide Read more [...]

Tech Thursday – A taste of things to come

Good evening folks and welcome to another edition of Tech Thursday on Jabber Log! I know it’s late and I have about 45 minutes before it’s Friday but I wanted to get this in either way. I had planned on typing up a rather detailed post on this week’s topic but I thought I would save it for episode two of the JCast that will be recorded tomorrow evening. The topic is going to be based on how connected we are to the Internet and our smartphones. Now don’t get me wrong here. I am in no way saying Read more [...]

The Influence Of Media On Children

More and more children are consuming large amounts of media each day. According to, The Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a study that showed children are consuming “11 hours’ worth of media content within a seven and half-hour span.” The American Academy of Pediatrics states that, “The average young person views more than 3000 ads per day on television (TV), on the Internet, on billboards, and in magazines. Increasingly, advertisers are targeting younger and younger children Read more [...]

The Stems of Technology and Innovation at Holland’s Tulip Time Festival

A look into the future of Holland, MI was on display for the Kinderparade, part of the cities annual Tulip Time Festival, on May 10th, 2012. The festival, held in a city known for its tulips and Dutch heritage, was struck with a problem; it was missing its main attraction. The cities tulips had bloomed early due to warm weather a couple months prior, but instead of looking at the missing tulips as a loss, this year’s festival was spun with the use of technology and playfully named, “stem Read more [...]

Fun with Incredibox Version 2

Good morning once again! I have one more video to share with you. It’s a quick look at Incredibox and it’s not only a must watch but if you would like to take a crack at making some music then visit Incredibox!

A look into the future

Good evening folks and welcome to another edition of Tech Thursday on Jabber Log. The inspiration for this post comes from a fellow classmate and an assignment we did in class. It involved doing research on companies, media outlets, web sites, etc. that are moving toward the future of new media journalism. I wrote about Google and their social network Google+. Many things are coming to the network and what they are using now are just steps toward online dominance. After posting my assignment I read Read more [...]

What’s New on Jabber Log?

Make sure to watch what’s new on Jabber Log! I’m sure you’re going to dig it.


Get Your GIF on with Flixel!

Good morning folks and here's a double shot of Tech Thursday on Jabber Log! It'll be a quick one so bare with me. Do you remember all the animated GIF files from back in the day? Do you even know what I'm talking about? Well if not, think about the old construction images where the little guy is digging up dirt. The image was mainly used to show that a website was still being built. Others involved still images in a loop, and others, well...they were just plain annoying. It made for a very bad website Read more [...]

Great Scott! Doc Brown Would Be Proud.

Good morning fellow Jabber Loggers! Welcome to another edition of Tech Thursday! Today we look at an invention that was brought to the big screen in Back to the Future. The invention was crazy and unbelievable! No, I'm not talking about Doc's time machine, I'm talking about his mind reading helmet. His invention involved the use of a helmet that was attached to some sort of computer like contraption and it had a cord with a suction cup that would stick to a subjects forehead. The suction cup would Read more [...]

Tech Thursday: Photoshop CS6 Beta

Hello folks and welcome to a second edition of Tech Thursday with Jabber Log. Yesterday I had an early edition with a sneak peek of The Walking Dead iOS game that's coming this April. Well I'm back again with a very brief look at Photoshop CS6. Oh yeah, you read that right and it's up on Adobe's website to download for free before it officially comes out. I would talk about it some more but we all know about Photoshop and the image within this post should be enough to make you want to go and Read more [...]
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