Diaper Wars: Florida Edition

Good morning to all! I hope you had a happy and safe St. Patricks Day last night. It's been a while since my last post on Diaper Wars but it's back and today's episode is a Florida Edition. My family and I recently returned from vacation but while I was there and on break a few things that involved our cloth adventure occurred. It was interesting enough that I had to write about it. Before we headed out to Florida I began to worry that it was going to be rather hard to use cloth diapers while Read more [...]

From Michigan to Florida in 22 hours

Hello everyone! It's been about two weeks since my last post here and the break was definitely needed. I have been hard at work and between, family, school, work, and personal projects, I really needed to step back a moment and prioritize. During my break I was able to finish school and design my personal website. It will included my portfolio among other items. As of right now I have the homepage and blog portion completed. I just have to finish up on four more pages and it will be revealed to all. All Read more [...]
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