urban legend

Rollercoaster of Urban Legend

While typing the post on Teddy Ruxpin and the Christmas Carol I remembered another urban legend. The following story has got to be on my top three list of legends. The picture for this post is an album cover from the Ohio Players. The only thing I can recall from them is Love Rollercoaster. It's catchy, it remains locked in your brain and the Red Hot Chili Peppers did a cover of it. What creeps me out in the original is that during a section of song there is something odd in the background. It sounds Read more [...]

Teddy Bear + Little Girl = Urban Legend

              Jabber Log is back with a double shot of Urban Legends. The first part of this post hits home because I used to own a Teddy Ruxpin. I remember when I got it for Christmas and I was stoked. I opened up the box and my brother and I took turns holding our new toy. My parents inserted the C size Energizers, put in the tape and turned it on. It's eyes began to move and Teddy Ruxpin spoke. "Hi, I'm Teddy Ruxpin." The voice Read more [...]

That’s a little sloppy, Joe

Tonight my family and I had a nice spaghetti dinner and the sauce was superb and the added meat was delicious but it made me wonder. What exactly was within the meat we were eating? It made me think of a video I saw a long time ago. It dealt with something we have all eaten at least once in our lives and it's non other than a Sloppy Joe. But what was in the meat or what was the meat? According to legend, back in the 1930's, a man named Joe O'Sullivan caught his wife sleeping with another man. Read more [...]
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