A Win for Local Authorities in Gang Bust

In the beginning of February, Jabber Log reported on the violence and gang activity in West Michigan. The story, set in Grand Rapids, followed a former gang member named Cruz and Mario Alfaro, a youth advocate and gang specialist with the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan. In the audio portion of the article, Cruz talked about his experience in a gang and how after he escaped he suffered a near fatal shooting. Alfaro’s story explains his affiliations with gangs and how when he moved to Michigan Read more [...]

Violence and the SOL to Prevent it

According to, the city of Grand Rapids, MI holds a population of just under 190,000 people. Within that amount are people with their own story. They range from the happy to the sad and to those of violence. This is the story of Cruz, a former gang member who sought the friendship and limelight of a gang but soon found out that this life was not a smooth path. This story also highlights the work of Mario Alfaro, a youth advocate and gang specialist with the Hispanic Center Read more [...]

In Response to Youth Violence and The Cause

For the past few weeks we have posted different articles, video’s and even a survey in reference to youth violence. In the beginning the youth violence series was actually based on violence as a whole in Grand Rapids, MI. This is no longer the case as we have taken up the angle of “youth violence.” In making this change, we are able to target a specific audience and focus on those involved in preventing it, as well as those who have lived and overcome youth violence. We recently posted a Read more [...]

Youth Violence and The Cause

There are many factors that go into the cause of youth violence. Bullying is at an all time high and media influence is also playing a part. According to the National Center for Children Exposed To Violence, “Television alone is responsible for 10% of youth violence.” Other factors include peer pressure, ethnicity/race and gender. With that said, we at Jabber Log have been working diligently on a piece involving youth violence. This piece will contain video, audio, images and more on what Read more [...]

The Youth Violence Series

Good evening. The publication is a continuation of a series of segments based on youth violence. The issue is everywhere but this specific project is based out of Grand Rapids, MI. The video below contains a Keynote presentation regarding the breakdown of this project. It includes the cause of youth violence, some statistics, those who have dealt with it and those who seek to help stop it. Read more [...]

How do we curb violence in a city of innovation? We start with the youth & local community organizations.

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